lets-play-murder said:
You have no idea how much I love your poetry, it's amazing and beautiful, just... absolutely stunning!  

Thank you so much! I’ve lost my muse recently, but I look forward to writing some more again once I get Dean back ;o;. 

But thank you! 

Anonymous said:
This poetry of yours /post/53335286932 is been reblogged not only by wincest shippers, but also by destiel shippers who tagged it only destiel and deancas, are you ok with that?  

That’s really interesting, actually! And of course I’m alright with it ;w;. Poetry is poetry and the underlining concept of that one in particular is love/protection. I feel like it has potential to hit Sam/Dean fans harder than Destiel fans, but if they want to take it as theirs, they very well can!

People can take words however they want to, interpretation is subjective. Of course, I intended it as a Sam/Dean thing, but I don’t mind as long as people can find meaning in my words and value it accordingly ;o;! You’re so cute though, thank you for this message! 

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fucking dean winchester who reads kurt vonnegut and harper lee and can shoot a gun with the best of them and knows how to talk to kids and doesn’t trust easily but loves fiercely and is the best damn hunter the world has ever seen and drinks too much because he cares too much and makes the greatest homemade burgers and keeps a photo of his mother by his bed and ugh.

spn poetry challenge, round 3

prompt: arms

partner: duskdean

Anonymous said:
have you ever considered entering into the spnpoetrychallenge  

Haha, actually, I think this is the third or fourth time someone has mentioned this to me?

I don’t rather like challenges myself, however, so, I haven’t really considered it ;w;.